Jackson, NJ Child Support Lawyer Helps With Child Support Agreements For Families.

The basic concept of child support is relatively simple; whether or not you live with your children on a day to day basis, you remain financially responsible for them. New Jersey child support laws aim to ensure that that the non-custodial parent continues to make a financial contribution to their child's well-being.

Jackson, NJ Child Support Lawyer McMahon & Russell Help With Child Support Agreements For Families. Making sure that you receive adequate child support and spousal support is important. If you are paying support, it is equally important to be sure that you are not over-paying. While basic support cases are often simple, complications frequently arise in cases of special needs, self-employment, disability, mortgage deviations and situations involving substantial or shared custody. We will discuss options and strategies regarding spousal support and alimony pendent lite (APL) and explain the differences. With our years of experience, we are familiar with the nuances of the law which will allow us to help insure that your support is calculated accurately and fairly.

We handle child support cases throughout the Ocean and Monmouth County, NJ areas.

If you feel you or someone close to you is going through a family matter, we’re more than happy to answer any and all of your queries.

To speak with one of our attorneys about your case over the phone or to schedule a consultation with one of our lawyers, call McMahon & Russell at (732) 364-3003 or visit them online at www.mcmahonrussell.com

Our law firm is dedicated to helping families work through issues that they are no longer able to handle on their own. We bring strategy, expertise, and compassion to all our family law cases. The attorneys at McMahon & Russell are seasoned legal experts who have made case law and created highly successful and sought-after settlement agreements for our clients.

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